Artist of the Issue: Seth Bui


Seth poses wearing a t-shirt with his favorite artist, Taylor Swift, on it.

Kiera Decesare, Online Editor

   Seth Bui was chosen for this month’s artist of the issue. He was chosen for his creativity and his fun, lighthearted approach to art. 

   Bui has been doing art since middle school, more specifically, he said, “I can’t remember exactly when I started art, but I think I have been doing it since about 8th grade.” Bui works with a lot of mediums, ranging from clay to colored pencils. He is currently enrolled in Gulf Breeze High School’s ceramics class, and he has taken other art classes at the school in years past. His favorite medium to work with is graphite. The medium Bui dislikes working with the most is acrylic paint. Along with working with traditional materials, Bui also works with a lot of nontraditional materials and crafts unique pieces with them. He often makes keychains, stickers, replica movie props and even designs t-shirts, often featuring his favorite musical artists. Bui also excels in drawing hyper realistic portraits of celebrities. 

   When asked who his favorite artist is, he said that his favorite artist is himself. His favorite musical artists are Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish and Lana Del Rey. Bui often draws his favorite music artists, and he gets his inspiration from the pictures he finds on the internet. He likes to browse on social media websites to find inspiration for his next piece. When asked what his favorite place to get inspiration from was, he responded that Pinterest was his favorite website. 

   Bui loves the creative freedom that art gives him, and he likes that he can let loose when painting or sketching. When asked what his least favorite part was, he said, “My least favorite part is the patience.” He dislikes the more meticulous and tedious aspects of art. 

It takes Bui varying amounts of time to finish art pieces. There are many factors that contribute to how long a piece takes Bui to complete, however, the most prominent one being the medium he works with and how inspired he is feeling. If he works with a dry medium like colored pencils, graphite or pastels, it takes Bui a few hours to complete a work, depending on how detailed the work is. If it is a wet medium like oil paint, acrylic paint or watercolor paint, it takes Bui a few days to complete the work, because for him, they are harder to work with compared to dry mediums. 

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