Teacher of the Issue: Ms. Myers


Ms. Myers wears a shirt that features one of her favorite past times, reading.

Keilani Flores , Staff Writer

   Every month, the Blue and Gold Newspaper will choose one teacher from the school to be featured for “The Teacher of the Issue.” The teachers are chosen and voted on by the newspaper staff every month. For this month’s issue, there was no doubt as to who would be chosen for the teacher of the issue for “The Blue and Gold,” Nikki Myers.  

   Myers is a well-known teacher who is currently teaching three different classes here at GBHS. She teaches English 1 Honors, AP Seminar and AP Research. She has been teaching here since 2008 and is currently in her 17th year of teaching.  

   Myers attended Florida State University, where she got a Bachelor of Arts in English as well as a Bachelor of Arts in History. She also went to school at the American College of Education, where she received her M.Ed. in Educational Leadership.  

   Myers is not only a teacher here at GBHS, but she is also involved with other extracurricular activities. Myers noted that she is a “faculty advisor for the National Honor Society” and is also a “tutor at the Academic Center for Testing.” 

   In her spare time, she stated that she loves to “read, workout, play trivia, and of course, spend all the time I can with my two Australian shepherds.” Myers has two dogs that she loves dearly, one named Jake and the other, Fitz.  

   Myers discussed how GBHS is the only school that she has ever taught at and that she is proud to be teaching here. “I love the support from the faculty and administration here at GBHS. We really are a family,” stated Myers.  

   With Myers being the leader of the AP Capstone program at GBHS, came the question as to how she started this program here. Myers stated that several years ago she was “randomly browsing something online and came across information about the AP Capstone program.” She explained how she had never heard about this program before, so she did some more research and decided to print everything out that she found about it and showed it to Mr. Brothers. “We need this program here,” Myers stated to Brothers, and luckily, he agreed and stated, “Okay, it’s all yours.” After that, she began the AP Capstone program, a two-part class that consists of her AP Seminar class, the first part of AP Capstone, and her AP Research class, the second part. She explained that the AP Capstone program has “changed me as a teacher.” 

   Myers is a wonderful teacher that GBHS is lucky to have. She tries her hardest to maintain an entertaining learning environment that keeps students interested and involved. Myers is also always helping students strive for success and will do anything necessary to help students have a bright future.  

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